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Waitlist. A waitlisted item means that the item is currently sold out in the color/size you requested. Keep in mind, being waitlisted could also mean that the item is currently sitting in someone else's cart awaiting checkout! If the customer doesn't pay, it will go to the next person in line who is waitlisted for that item!

We evaluate each item 24 hours after it posts, and we will reorder once all items have been purchased, based on numbers from our waitlist!

We re-order frequently but unfortunately, there is no way to know when a specific item will come back in stock. We receive new shipments weekly so the time frame can vary from 1-6 weeks. You won't pay for the item until it is in stock and ready to ship. At that time you will receive an email notifying you that the item is back in stock and you can decide if you still want to purchase. Sometimes, our suppliers are unable to fulfill our restock requests, so there is a chance your item may not become available.

Do you know about our ✨Preauthorize✨ feature!? Not only does it ensure that you won’t miss out when the item come later back in stock...it also moves you to the TOP of the list!!

How to use it: Head over to your waitlist on the app (just click the ❤️ icon at the bottom), select the item you don’t wanna miss out on, and then select the “preauthorize” button in the top left corner!!!

How it works: When you Preauthorize an item you’re basically saying- if it comes back in my size, just charge me and ship it!! That means if you’re working, with your kids, or just plain busy, you’ll still snag your item and your Free Shipping! Our Preauthorized customers also move to the top of the waitlist so, your chances of snagging that item increase significantly!!

Change your mind? No worries! You can still change your mind even after you’ve preauthorized the item! Just click the “remove” button in the top right corner of that item and we will take it off your waitlist!