About Me



Hey Ladies! 

Thank you for stopping by my page. To tell you a little bit about myself, My name is Jenifer, I am 37 years YOUNG, with 3 wonderful children, all from ages 16, 11,and 2. I am busy!! I started this business with the intentions of working from home, but my daughter is in daycare now, three days a week, but I am able to take the kids to school everyday, pick them up, go to school functions, and then I am home 2 days a week with Harbor. I consider myself very blessed. Since starting the boutique in June 2018, I have met some wonderful ladies along the way. I love helping others, and talking to ladies, and just getting to know you. I wanted my clothes to be affordable for everyone. I take pride in the clothes that we do carry, they are all made with good quality. Oh, I forgot to tell you a key piece of information, my daughter's name is Harbor Grace, In case you were wondering how I came up with the name. Lol 


Xo, Jennifer